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Born and bred in Dublin I always displayed an interest in science and technology. 

Around 1988 I discovered the Spectrum 128K and a book called the spectrum programmer and bang! I was interested in something.

In 1993 at 16 years old I left school without any academic certificates . Something as I got older regret a tiny bit. But I managed to secure an apprenticeship to the trade of electrician and again "eureka !" I could see the obvious convergence of software hardware technologies.

Starting out as an Apprentice electrician I found the work enjoyable. It came easy to me and was a joy to be challenged with new problems.

I started to visualise a world with everything connected, a world full of autonomy. I was on a mission. Unfortunately the absence of the technology in 1993 meant my vision had to take a back seat. I knew then that an education was needed to access the skills and networks in industry.

Soon after I enrolled for a  Bachelor’s degree in Engineering Technology from Dublin Institute of Technology (DIT). and started the next stage of my career as an automation engineer.

So, in 2014 I started JPL Engineering Ltd with a view to supplying my expertise into the pharmaceutical industry. Since then I have gained an excellent reputation as one of the leading subject matter experts for automation technology in the biopharma industry and have consulted for large corporations such as Amgen & Bristol Myers Squibb providing Information systems, Process Control and Packaging Serialisation solutions in Europe and USA.

During this time, I got back to my vision and researched and developed a brand-new building automation system to allow users visualise and control how energy is being used in commercial buildings.

Creating this technology solution led to the formation of a new company Acutrace and the sustainable employment of three system Engineers and office admin staff, I am proud of that. The Technology has been recognised by the South Dublin County Enterprise awards by winning the most innovative product of 2016 and in 2017 Acutrace was presented with the overall National Enterprise Award by An Taoiseach, Mr. Enda Kenny at a black-tie ceremony in the Mansion House on May 25th. Acutrace made a clean sweep on the night by also winning the National Enterprise Award for the Dublin Region. 

For 2018 and beyond I am primarily focused on designing and creating solutions to enhance the everyday lives of people through use of technology in the life science industry.

A short introduction.

John Lynch

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